The purpose of visioning is to provide a place in consciousness where God’s idea of one’s life (or whatever you are visioning for) can reveal itself. Visioning differs from visualization in that we are allowing the divine idea to emerge rather than attempting to manifest specific things.


Vision Process

  • Center in Spirit; spend time in the Silence to establish the awareness of God.
  • Set the foundation in unconditional love, which is always the primary purpose of life.
  • Open to the vision. You might want to ask questions to assist this process (such as: What is God’s idea of Itself as my life? What does it look like, feel like sound like? What is the highest possibility for my life (or what you are visioning for)?
  • For the vision to manifest, we must embody it—in essence, we become the vision. We ask ourselves how we must grow in order to embody the vision. What is my spiritual work?
  • Commit to the vision.

When we share our visions, we remember that there is no judgment about anything we have (or have not) sensed, seen, felt or heard.

It is always beneficial to close the vision process with affirmations and/or spiritual mind treatments.

Visioning is the last Wednesday of each month



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