We practice a method of affirmative prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative prayer.

Spiritual mind treatment is a step-by-step process, in which one states the desired outcome as if it is already known that it has happened. Each step flows logically from the last one.

Treatment is to be stated as personal, positive, powerful, and present. The goal is to gain clarity in thinking that guides action to be consistent with the desired outcome. The treatment sets off a new chain of causation in Mind that leads one to act according to the good for which one is treating.

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Meditation is a tool that can put us in touch with the spiritual reality of life. It quiets our minds, relaxes our bodies, and focuses our attention. From this centered place we can make choices based on an understanding of our individual place in the cosmic order and our personal experience of God as the Creative Power in our lives.

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The purpose of visioning is to provide a place in consciousness where God’s idea of one’s life (or whatever you are visioning for) can reveal itself. Visioning differs from visualization in that we are allowing the divine idea to emerge rather than attempting to manifest specific things.

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Affirmations are statements we make about our being and our lives. The word affirmation means “something validated, made firm.”

An affirmation is a desired state in present-tense terms as if it is already manifest in our lives.

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